History of creation and construction of umbrellas

Even before our era, our distant ancestors had the idea to wear just such a «roof» over their heads.

Now it is difficult to find out exactly where and when the ancestors of modern umbrellas appeared, but most likely these were eastern countries.

The very first umbrellas were made from bamboo and large palm leaves.

At first, they were only of practical importance: they protected from rain or sun. At first it was only one type of umbrella, but later they were divided into those that have a separate function of protection from the sun and separately the function of protection from rain.

When the umbrella moved to Paris, they began to make it from a variety of materials, including silk. After all, the French try to make even practical things as aesthetic as possible. There were even special people who, for a fee, wore umbrellas during rainy weather..

The part for which we hold the umbrella has its own separate story. It was a strap fixed with a loop, and a knob, and a handle..

Several centuries ago, the closest relative of modern umbrellas was created in England — an umbrella on metal knitting needles — we use this design now.

What are modern umbrellas made of? These are rod base, carcass cover, tires, handle and tips.

For the manufacture of small parts of the frame, wire is used together with a steel strip. The rod is a hollow metal tube.

In the upper part of the rod there is a crown with which the frame rods are connected. At the ends of the rods there are plastic or metal tips, to which the tire is sewn. The stops are also attached to the bars..

The bar on top is the tip, and the bottom is what we hold in our hand. Handles can be very diverse in shape, design, material of manufacture..

The number of tires is from eight to fourteen — they are cut with wedges that are sewn and welded.

The tire is a formative factor in the appearance of the umbrella. It is made from specialized fabrics. What are these fabrics that do not allow water to pass through? They are composed of polyamide threads.

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