how not to make the wrong choice

Every parent wants to give their child all the best. We try to feed our children with environmentally friendly food, buy clothes for them made from natural fabrics, equip the nursery using natural materials. As for the dishes, here many parents have questions, which we will try to answer in this article..

How to make sure that children’s dishes do not turn out to be a way of poisoning their own child? While the baby is still very small, we feed him from ordinary «adult» plates. But as soon as he grows up a little, almost all parents rush to purchase a bright plastic set of dishes that the baby could use as a cutlery and entertainment at the same time. Yes, from the point of view of child psychology, such dishes have a lot of advantages, but from the point of view of the baby’s health there are some nuances.

Melamine tableware. Recently, this phrase can be heard or read quite often. The controversy around melamine has not subsided for quite a long time, but scientists have not yet come to a unanimous opinion whether and to what extent melamine is harmful to the human body. Some say that it is harmful, the second — that it is not. But it is probably not advisable to experiment on your own child, so we sweep this option aside..

If you purchase plastic utensils, be sure to ask the seller for all available sanitary and hygienic certificates and quality certificates. And only after carefully reading them, make a decision whether to buy such dishes or not. Another «but»: watch your child closely while playing the children’s «dish». Often children, playing with such utensils, drink or eat from them. In no case should this be allowed, because together with food and water from such dishes, a huge amount of harmful oil products can enter the child’s body. Teach your child right away to the fact that dollware is exclusively for dolls, but not for people.

Many mothers ask if it is possible to collect some water for the child while walking in a plastic bottle. Returning to conversations about the quality of plastic — if it has passed all the checks and examinations and has all the necessary certificates, then you can use such a bottle.

But isn’t it easier to use for these purposes the materials that are intended for this? For example, regular glass, stainless steel for cutlery and ceramics for plates and cups? Choose together on the Domadom website a beautiful set of dishes that will please your child too. And he will be satisfied (he chose it himself), and you will definitely be honored in quality. After all, ceramics will not harm the body of your baby. And he can play with toys, not with dishes..