How to promote your product through bloggers

The blogging phenomenon today has reached many dimensions. People treat their favorite influencer with interest and trust. Marketers should «catch the wave»: cooperation with bloggers is an incredibly fast way to promote a product.

These people have properties for their audience. These people really influence their audience, so everyone is wondering how to find influencers on Instagram?


Important nativeness. Your product should more or less fit into the theme of the channel, image. People do not believe frankly paid advertising on surrounding things, and the element of chance is large. Another thing is if there are reasons to believe that the product can really be relevant for the blogger (and his meeting), corresponds to their area of ​​interest, hobbies and identification.

To find a blogger who might be useful, tag hashtags, geotags and special services, study the blogger’s main words and circular connections (maybe he will lead you to other suitable people). The dynamics of events, the volume of growth and unsubscribes, the ratio of views, likes and comments are observed (normally they are distributed in that order, if arranged in descending order). Comments should be meaningful, subscriber pages should not resemble bots.

Should not be limited to one platform. Study the features of each — contingent, coverage, collection of material.
Formulate for yourself the expected, desired KPI, brand chips.

Flexible approach to the format of cooperation. Agree on an ad or product placement in one of the new vlogs, submit your products for distribution, create a collaboration (work together on, for example, the design of a collection). You can sponsor your content to a blogger or invite to an event, offer the role of a permanent ambassador for your brand, arrange a direct exit, within which a conversation about the upcoming business will be appropriate. You can assign a monetary amount for the publication, the number of views and transitions, or the cost of barter — a taste product or privileges that the blogger receives from the advertiser.

How to arrange cooperation

Many have a contact box or messenger in a special profile. After choosing an influencer, write a message to him according to the plan:

  1. Greetings.
  2. An invitation to get acquainted with the brand, a story about it.
  3. Justification why it was decided to this blogger.
  4. An offer of initial conditions on certain conditions.
  5. Thanks for the past tense, signature.

So, consent has been received. It is advisable to conclude an agreement that spells out the obligations of the parties: the results of the competition, protocol formats and dates, remuneration. You can use special exchanges. Also with the world a clear terms of reference.

Not recommended for analytics. Track CPM, CMF, CPL/CPF. Very helpful for clients to attract the code attracted by the blogger, promo.