Human biorhythms or How to turn from an «owl» into a «lark»?

Perhaps everyone noticed different activity during the day. It is very difficult for someone to wake up in the morning and immediately get down to business, while at night the feeling of cheerfulness does not leave, and sleep fades into the background. Such people are usually called «owls». There are others — those who like to do all the important things in the morning, wake up with a feeling of vigor and activity. These are larks. As a rule, their states change by lunchtime. The first ones are busy with work, a lot of ideas are spinning in their heads, the phone does not stop talking, and unlimited tariffs make communication especially profitable. The latter, by lunchtime, have already exhausted the main limit of energy and want to rest and relax as soon as possible..

Where is the balance?

It is generally accepted that the «early risers» have much more advantages, especially in the case when work begins in the morning and you do not have a free schedule. In any case, you will have to get up and go to work. In addition, «owls» are more prone to various diseases, because initially the body is arranged differently and is not adapted to the additional release of hormones and activity at a time when the «routine» should be a period of rest and sleep. «Owls» often have problems with being overweight, because the appetite for the night increases, and metabolic processes at this time are reoriented to perform completely different tasks.

If more than once, barely opening your eyes in the morning, you promised yourself to go to bed earlier, then it’s time to change your regime. It is quite possible. According to scientists, it will take 21 days to form such a habit. Act gradually. To begin with, try to carefully prepare for the new day in the evening, unloading the morning as much as possible. Take a soothing bath with pleasant essential oils before bed. They can help you relax and get ready for bed. Start the morning with cheerfulness and a smile. Try to plan the most enjoyable things during this time — this way you will fall in love with early wakes faster. You can buy a direct Moscow megaphone number and share your successes with your family. Gradually, the body will get used to the fact that from this moment you are a «lark», because this is precisely what nature has laid down.