Tester and perfume: what’s the difference

If you go to the store to choose a perfume, then you will be offered a tester, and you are buying the original. What is the fundamental difference and is there any?

Many believe that testers are a distant semblance of the original perfumery, since their main purpose is only to present the product, therefore testers do not have the trail and durability that spirits must have..

By the way, please note that if you buy a perfume in an online store, then the price of your purchase will be much lower for the very reason that you will not be offered a tester. Perfumes on parfumplus are proof of what you can read about on the pages of the site.

In short, the tester is a kind of advertisement for perfume. It is not sealed as tightly as perfume, it does not have a cap, only a lid and a dispenser.

Indeed, the tester is intended only for presentation, which is why it is often used in promotions or when purchasing. It must be understood, given this feature, that the so-called probe will differ in shape, design and volume from the original product..

To distinguish the tester from the original, you just need to look at the packaging — it is usually discreet and always labeled «tester» in English. A real perfume will have a stylish branded packaging, well distinguishable by design.

Manufacturers understand that the tester is not intended for sale and always try to reduce the cost in a variety of ways. In particular, they exclude from the perfume composition those components that are needed to retain the aroma, that is, the testers will not be odor-resistant. At the same time, the manufacturer tries to make sure that this does not affect the aroma itself in any way. Is this true? Partly because not everyone succeeds in something like this..

Dispensers can often be seen on testers. As a rule, there are no dispensers on original perfumes, since every drop is valued in perfume.

So, yes, the tester is really just a copy of the original perfume, therefore, when testing, always make a discount for this moment — the tester may differ from real perfume.