Volunteer movement for the protection of homeless animals in Gomel

The soul cannot be sick for everyone. Not for all people, not for all animals. It is hard to believe that a person can get into a situation where nothing can be done (we will omit cases with injuries and disabilities). Sometimes I am outraged by cases when clearly drunken persons ask for alms near the temple with the request: «Help!» Why help something? Give money for a drink? You don’t need help to drink, but how exactly can you help??..

And animals can be a pity. Yes, they get food as best they can. But seeing every “animal” homeless fate, I see human guilt. I understand that the dog was thrown away by a person who did not want to take responsibility for the one he had tamed. I understand, and I hide these feelings away. Because you will have to worry very often: at every stop, within every yard there is a homeless dog’s fate.

But there are people who are constantly open to such emotions. For every little dog their heart bleeds. I have friends who are ready to bring homeless animals home every day. And their activities can be seen in our city. Recently, the volunteer movement to protect homeless animals in Gomel has intensified.

The activity is noticeable in social networks (vkontakte. Ru / club. Animals. Gomel), their activity is visible in the real life of the city. October 8, 2011 from 12.00 to 16.00 on the street. Lange 17 volunteers with the support of the Public Association “Gomel Dog Breeding Club” will organize a charity event “Give them a chance”. The main mission of the volunteers and the goal of the action is to shelter at least a small part of homeless animals, to hand them over to good hands, to give joy to both the animals and their new owners..

In general, every person has a number of associations with the word “homeless”. This row is caused by what we see on the streets. But “homeless” dog does not mean “not well-groomed”, with fleas and is wild. A homeless dog in this case only means that he does not have an owner, he does not have a home. Come and see for yourself how clean and funny animals are waiting for their owners. Well-groomed and neatness are also the merit of the volunteers.

Animals are monitored by a veterinarian, vaccinated against rabies. During the campaign there will be a tent “Help for animals”, where you can make your contribution (bring food, medicine or ammunition). Creative teams will perform in the foyer. The organizers made sure that the guests were interested.

I am glad that Gomel does not remain indifferent. And it’s nice when organizations, information resources and blogs interact with each other. By joining forces, more people will learn about us, together we can do more.