We speed up metabolism and activate metabolic processes.

Fighting overweight, for many girls, drags on for many years. It often happens that even with limited nutrition and daily physical activity, the arrow of the scale remains in one place. This is due to the so-called slow metabolism, which is responsible for the processing of substances entering the body..

In traditional medicine, there are several ways to quickly help speed up your metabolism..

Method 1 — Start your day with breakfast and do not think that this is standard advice that does not give the desired effect. During sleep, all our processes slow down, including metabolism, and after eating, we kind of turn on the body, and it begins to function normally. Well, naturally, your breakfast should be healthy and wholesome..

Method 2 — You do not need to go on rigid diets and severely limit your diet. Such measures will not lead to anything good, the first thing that happens to your body is to significantly decrease the work of metabolism. You should eat in a normal amount, only your nutrition should be correct.

Method 3 — It is necessary to eat often, but in small portions. Regular intake of food into the body will speed up your metabolism and after a while, the process of losing weight will be launched.

Foods to be consumed.

First of all, turn your attention to green tea. Experts recommend drinking at least 8 glasses a day. Thus, you will not only improve metabolic processes, but every day, you will feel great..

Also, in your daily diet, in a mandatory (necessary) manner, must be present — dairy products. They contain a huge amount of calcium, it is necessary for the normal and proper functioning of the body..

Don’t forget about protein, it should make up more than one third of your entire diet. In addition, protein foods are quite satisfying, so eating a piece of white meat or fish will completely saturate your body..

Various spices, especially common red pepper, have a good effect on speeding up the metabolism. Scientists even conducted an experiment that showed that with constant consumption of pepper, the metabolic rate accelerates by 23%..

As for physical exercise, then you probably understand that it is necessary. The only rule you have to follow is the alternation of exercises. You can’t constantly practice, for example, dancing alone, it is best to practice dancing for a week, then go to jogging for a week, and then switch to aerobics. Thus, your body will not be able to get used to physical activity and the process of losing weight will go much more confidently and faster..