We treat itchy scalp with folk remedies

My head itches, what should I do? First, you need to find and deal with the factors behind the appearance of this problem. Let’s start with the factors that contribute to the itchy scalp..

1. Stress condition is considered one of the first factors..

2. The use of chemicals (hair dyeing, perm, etc.).

3. Diseases of the scalp (dermatitis, eczema, etc.).

4. Dandruff.

5. Pediculosis.

The first thing to do is pay attention to the condition of the water. It should be soft, but it is better to use boiled water. Rainwater can also be used. Consider folk ways to help relieve itching.

The first remedy will be hops. To do this, you need to grind a small amount of hops. Pour a spoonful of chopped hops with water (two hundred grams will be enough), put on fire, let it boil. Insist half an hour, drain. Strain the broth, apply as a rub, rub well into the scalp. Apply every day, you can several times. Relieves irritation and itching will gradually decrease.

Preparing herbal decoction. You need geranium and nettle in equal proportions, chop the grass, mix well. We take four spoons of the collection, pour a liter of boiling water, leave for an hour. Rinse hair with broth, rub a little broth into the scalp, take every other day.

Tincture of willow and burdock root (grind in advance) will help not only remove annoying itching, but also help to strengthen and restore hair. To prepare the tincture, take four tablespoons of burdock root and four tablespoons of pussy willow bark, pour hot water (a liter will be enough). Wrap the tincture with a towel and let it brew for two hours. Strain the infusion and rinse the hair while shampooing. Use the broth three times a week.

Let’s prepare a mixture based on tar. To prepare the mixture, you need ten grams of birch tar, twenty grams of castor oil and ten grams of alcohol. Mix all ingredients well. Two hours before washing the head, gently rub the mass into the skin in a circular motion, hold for ten minutes and rinse off using cosmetics.