Wood treatment with antiseptics

Wood is still popular in home construction. Which is not surprising, because this is a real, natural material with remarkable performance properties. In addition, wood is more economical for home construction. But it is known that wood has several disadvantages: this is the flammability of the material, its weakness to the effects of fungi and microorganisms. To protect your home, wood must be treated with materials that prevent combustion and mold. Let’s talk about protecting a tree from the harmful effects of fungi.

Mold is a fungal formation that is very tenacious, capable of surviving even in the harshest conditions. Only some conditions for reproduction are sufficient. The tree can be infected with mold even from the stage of transportation or storage. For example, when the material is purchased, but «waits» for application for several months, covered with an awning, polyethylene. If there is at least some moisture (for example, storage occurs in spring or in the rain), then there is a high likelihood of fungi. Therefore, the material must be regularly ventilated. In a finished building, mold forms in damp places with low air circulation, such as a basement.

Treatment with special substances — antiseptics — is capable of protecting the building. There are popular inexpensive methods of struggle: the use of substances such as copper sulfate, as well as potassium dichromate. These funds are quite effective, but they change the color of the tree, and are also unsafe substances..

There are more modern formulations for mold protection. Moreover, many of these substances are produced in Russia on a water basis, and therefore are harmless to the human body, in contrast, for example, from the Finnish «Pinotex» on an alkyd basis — a rather dangerous substance.

It makes sense to process the wood at the storage stage. In addition to protecting against mold, many antiseptics have the ability to restore decaying wood. Treatment of wood with antiseptics protects it for a period of at least ten years, and the repeated use of substances is indefinite. The processing process itself is not complicated. The antiseptic can be applied with improvised means — a brush, a spray.

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